Mortgage broker based in Prague

I have 11 years of experience in the mortgage industry, let me put my expertise to work for you.

Don't let language barriers, residency requirements and legal complexities stand in the way of owning your dream property in the Czech Republic. I am here to help you navigate these challenges and secure the mortgage you need, as your one-stop solution for all your financing needs.

13 years

of experience




arranged mortgages

2 bn.

CZK in mortgages

I have a solution for complex mortgages, simple makes it easier.

I will guide you through the process from the initial consultation to taking out the mortgage. And I'm paid by the banks, so there's no need for the client to pay me.

We find a solution for every income

I can arrange mortgages for clients with different incomes, from employees to self-employed people, entrepreneurs and owners of rental apartments.

We provide all the support you need for mortgage modifications.

Legal service is included, but it doesn't stop there, I will help you with the administration of your mortgage, from changing the collateral to early repayment.

We'll keep an eye on the deadlines so you're not stressed.

We know exactly when what needs to be delivered and handled - we'll take care of you. Hundreds of successfully negotiated mortgages are proof of that.


I stand by my know-how and therefore share it for the general public

Do you want to know how emergency payments work? Are you an entrepreneur and don't know how to piece together your ideal income? I publish regular videos from the world of mortgages to give you an infomative edge.

Book a consultation

The reservation is non-binding and I will confirm it to you. The booking includes a questionnaire to help me better understand your needs.

In-person consultation

Financing your own housing

We will personally discuss your situation and plans, find out what I can do for you and possibly agree on the next steps.

Phone consultation

Financing your own housing

Over the phone we will discuss your situation and plans, find out what I can do for you and possibly arrange further action.

In-person consultation

Investment property financing

I will send you a brief questionnaire upon booking. The information provided will help me evaluate how I can be of value to you. We will then discuss your situation in person and plan...